Dear Fellow Democrat,

We appreciate your loyalty to the Democratic Party and would like all to know that there are many proud Democrats in Bellaire and Braeswood.

Bellaire Democrats began in September 2000. In 2016 The Braeswood Democrats joined to create an even more active and enthusiastic organization. Whether you want to work on campaigns, volunteer to work at Election Day precinct polling places, enjoy grassroots work, socials, meetings and/or education, we can all make a difference and have some fun when we join together.

Bellaire Braeswood Democrats is a social group interested in promoting Democratic causes and candidates, as well as providing voter information for nonpartisan elections. We meet regularly for the purpose of sharing ideas, becoming more educated about issues and candidates, or specifically to work on projects that assure Democrats are elected into public office. You are invited to join us and contribute your ideas and resources to this powerfully important process.

We formed under the umbrella of the Harris County Democratic Party and we would value your contributions as we build the organization. We have committees in place to achieve certain goals, a Constitution and Bylaws and an Executive Committee to guide the process. We need your membership, time or talents to achieve results at the polls!

Bellaire Braeswood Democrats focus on Precincts 128, 182, 214, 215 and 268 in Bellaire, and 017, 018, 175, 224, 232, 350, 891, 931 and 933 in the Braeswood area, however, membership is open to residents of other areas and everyone is welcome!


President | Veronica Nasser

First Vice President (programs) | Tom Gederberg

Second Vice President (special events and social) | Kristie Husmann

Secretary | Shannon Pruitt

Treasurer | Patrick Durio

Immediate Past President | Micki Mastin