Lena Gohlman Fox Professor of Political Science
Rice University

Topic: 2018 Texas election and prospects for 2020, plus County Clerk Trautman’s plan for the Adoption of Election Day vote Centers in Harris County

Meeting: Feb 11, 6-8pm, Ragin Cajun 4302 Richmond Ave.

Professor Stein is an expert on urban politics and public policy. He is co-author of Perpetuating the Pork Barrel: Policy Subsystems and American Democracy (1995, Cambridge University Press), and author of Urban Alternatives: Public and Private Markets in the Provision of Local Services (1990, Pittsburgh Press). His work has also appeared in a wide range of scholarly journals.

Dr. Stein’s current research has been supported by the National Science Foundation and examines the impact of the federal aid system on the electoral trajectories of office holders at both the subnational and congressional levels. Other research examines collective action among metropolitan area governments and voting behavior.

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